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Things I’d Like to
Stuff in a Bucket

I know when you hear the
words “Bucket List” you
probably think of  the things
you want to do before you “kick
the bucket.”  I believe my
list qualifies for this same title
because it contains things I
would like to do before I die
and it, too, involves buckets. So
here’s my take on having a
happy and fulfilling life and
using a bucket or two to do it.

The View from
ROW 13

On April 26, I saw the Astros
play the Brewers.
Throughout the game,
I photographed moments
and details that, to me,
captured the essence of
baseball at Minute Maid Park.
I shot each photo
in this collection without
leaving ROW 13, SEAT 5.

Lee Steiner
April 2009

Celebrating the
10th Anniversary Season
of Minute Maid Park

Comfort Suites

I drove to the conference
stressed out and wishing it was
already over.  My non-profit
bosses had reserved me a room
for the night.  Money’s tight so
I was just hoping for a clean,
non-creepy place to retreat to.
Comfort Suites:  Hidden behind
that familiar sign, I found an
unexpected sanctuary of shiny
floors, plush carpet, thick
curtains and towels, and plenty
of pillows after a too-long day
crammed with warm-up
activities, power points, and
workshop mixers.
Ah, to be alone in a room with
everything I need and nothing
to do. And so Quiet…
Comfort... Sweet.

Lee Steiner, July 2010

Moving Heaven & Earth
With a few Useful Verbs

3 Easy Steps

1. Choose a useful verb from
the following pages.

2. Make certain you understand
the meaning (the importance or
value) of the verb you’ve

3. Compose or select a powerful
directive to bring about the
desired movement. Modify
(change, especially slightly) one
of the statements shown below
to suit your needs.

Lee Steiner, 2010

Prague Stenciled Graffiti

My handmade book was selected for Photo
Book Works, an international exhibition of
artists' books incorporating photography as
a primary element held at Abecedarian
Gallery in Denver, Colorado. The show will
soon travel to 23 Sandy Gallery in
Portland, Oregon.

This little book showcases the photos I took
on the streets of Prague, Czech Republic
depicting the trend in stenciled graffiti which
I call "premeditated public art- freedom of
expression with forethought and artistic
skill."   An essay about my impressions of
these artworks folds into an envelope built
into the back of the book.

Buskers on the Bridge

Another Prague book, this one is a collection of
the musical buskers I photographed in 2007
on my daily (and nightly) strolls across the
picturesque, historic Charles Bridge.

Lee Steiner, 2009