Domestic Papers       Homemade Books

By combining centuries-old bookbinding techniques
with a unique blend of papers, and my own modern
twist, I make books that not only celebrate the
special events in your life, but make everyday life
more special, too.

                 more Rebound Books!

Prowling the library sales and thrift shops pays off when I snag vintage volumes to
make neat-o journals.  Forget the forgotten texts and instead carry the cool covers I've
re-bound with a cache of blank pages ready for you to re-write the past and chart the
future.  Seems like hardcovers published in the '60's have the illustration styles I most
identify with.  I like the 'black-and-white-plus-one-color' kind of color scheme.  And the
soft, innocent watercolored textbook scenes.  They must remind me of my school days...

        The Longstitch

Who are all these people and why are they on my book?
Well, all I can say is I rescued these folks at an auction
and the rest of the story is up to you. I find vintage
group photos of classrooms, communions, picnics, and
teams endlessly fascinating to look at! The Longstitch  
name comes from the long running stitches that go up
and down the spine. This sewing technique makes a great
journal because, not only does this wide spine lay open
flat, the five signatures of paper inside give you plenty of
room for easy sketching and writing.

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