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My Unique "Re-purposed" Books

I like to find new ways to re-use "good" books gone "bad!"
These projects  show off my love of books and make use (or re-use)
of their shapes and formats.

I use thrift shop books to create the
Bird Bookhouses—indoor birdhouses made from
covered archival ragboard and featuring an open hardcover book as the roof and a
pencil as a perch. Just for fun, the bottom hinges open giving you a secret place to
stash your doves- Dark Chocolate Doves, that is!

Here are the two custom Bird 'Bookhouses' I made for The Friends of Fondren Library
to celebrate Rice University's 100th Anniversary!

Book Clocks are made from children's picture books, garden books,
and  classic books like The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew.
My newest faves are these retro clocks from
vintage "How-to-do-it" encyclopedias!

Book Photo Frames are made from covers with cool patterns, like the 1970s
Reader's Digest Condensed Book Collections. These photo frames stand up by
themselves and hold two photos.  The back is just as neat since I use the original
inside covers and fly leaves to tailor flaps to cover the photo backs.

Larger books make beautiful, and sturdy,
Portfolio Cases, a stylish way to carry papers
to a meeting, store your stationery, or keep your daily to-do's tied together in one
cool carry-all.

There's a “Repurposed” book to please each and every personality, making these both
great gifts and fun conversation pieces.

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